e-merge renewables recently undertook a significant project for Massey DIY located in Swadlincote. The project involved the installation of Solar PV systems, utilising high-quality components including Solis Inverter, Canadian Solar Panels, and Van Der Valk Mounting System.

The primary objective was to help Massey DIY adopt a greener approach to its operations while simultaneously reducing its business costs.

Project Details

Customer: Massey DIY, Swadlincote

System Size: 72kWp

Purpose: Massey DIY received a partial government grant which it match funded to invest in renewable energy. The installation aligns with the company’s strategy to become more environmentally friendly and reduce its overall business costs. Following consultation, we chose the following components for the Solar PV installation:

Solis Inverter: The Solis Inverter, known for its efficiency and reliability, was chosen to convert the DC power generated by the solar panels into AC power suitable for use within Massey DIY’s premises.

Canadian Solar Panels: High-quality Canadian Solar Panels were chosen due to their excellent performance, durability, and industry reputation. These panels efficiently convert sunlight into electricity, maximising energy production.

Van Der Valk Mounting System: The Van Der Valk Mounting System provides secure and sturdy support for the solar panels, ensuring their optimal placement and stability on Massey DIY’s premises.

Project Objectives

The installation of Solar PV systems at Massey DIY aimed to achieve the following objectives:

Environmental Impact: By harnessing solar energy, Massey DIY sought to reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to sustainable practices. The estimated annual CO2 savings resulting from the installation amounted to 13.66 metric tons.

Cost Reduction: Through the utilisation of solar energy, Massey DIY aimed to reduce its dependence on traditional electricity sources, ultimately leading to lower energy costs for its business operations.


The Solar PV installation by e-merge renewables for Massey DIY yielded the following significant results:

CO2 Savings: The estimated CO2 savings resulting from the solar energy generation amounted to 13.66 metric tons per annum. This reduction in greenhouse gas emissions demonstrates Massey DIY’s commitment to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility.

Payback Period: The initial investment made by Massey DIY in the Solar PV installation is projected to have a 4-year payback period. This demonstrates the long-term financial benefits of adopting renewable energy solutions.


e-merge renewables successfully executed the Solar PV installation project for Massey DIY, enabling the company to achieve its goals of going greener and reducing business costs. Through the utilisation of Solis Inverter, Canadian Solar Panels, and Van Der Valk Mounting System, Massey DIY now benefits from substantial annual CO2 savings and expects to recoup its initial investment within a 4-year timeframe. This highlights the potential for B2B businesses to embrace renewable energy solutions, creating a sustainable future while simultaneously enhancing their financial viability.

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