In this case study, we look at a forward-thinking dealership, Guest Truck & Van, which has strategically integrated solar photovoltaic (PV) systems across multiple sites, reaping substantial commercial benefits in the process. With a commitment to sustainability and cost efficiency, this company embarked on a green energy journey by installing solar PV arrays on various properties which runs its everyday operations. It was important to the client to have a full understanding of its energy production along with its energy consumption across each of the sites, which has been delivered with the incorporation of the dedicated software platform. By harnessing the power of the sun, the company has significantly reduced its electricity bills, simultaneously decreasing its carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Project Details

Customer Name: Guest Truck & Van

Installation: Solar PV

Products Used:

Location: Guest Truck & Van – Thetford

System Size: 50 kWp


Project Objectives:

Guest Truck & Van had several key objectives when embarking on this solar PV installation project:

  1. Cost Savings: The primary goal was to reduce electricity costs by generating clean energy from solar PV systems. The client sought to lower their operational expenses and achieve a favourable return on investment.
  2. Sustainability: In alignment with its commitment to environmental responsibility, the client aimed to significantly reduce its carbon footprint by generating renewable energy and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Energy Monitoring: To ensure transparency and efficiency, the client wanted to closely monitor energy production and consumption at each of its sites. This data would help optimise energy usage and further reduce costs.


e-merge Renewables successfully executed the solar PV installation project at Guest Truck & Van’s Thetford location. The use of high-quality products, including Solis Inverters, DMEG Solar Panels, and the K2 Mounting System, ensured the long-term reliability and efficiency of the PV system.

Financial Benefits:

Environmental Impact:

Energy Monitoring:


The solar PV installation at Guest Truck & Van’s Thetford location by e-merge Renewables exemplifies the positive impact of renewable energy integration. This forward-thinking approach has enabled the client to achieve cost savings, reduce carbon footprint, and gain better control of energy consumption.

With a 4-year payback period on the company’s initial investment and estimated annual CO2 savings of 24.4 tons, the project not only showcases financial viability but also underscores the importance of sustainable energy solutions in achieving long-term environmental and economic goals.

e-merge Renewables’ expertise and dedication to delivering high-quality solar PV solutions has helped Guest Truck & Van take significant steps toward a greener and more cost-efficient future. This case study serves as a testament to the success of solar PV integration in commercial settings and highlights the potential for similar achievements in the renewable energy sector.

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