In this case study, we look at our recent project with forward-thinking dealership named Guest Truck & Van. This dealership, with a primary location in Coventry, has strategically integrated solar photovoltaic (PV) systems across multiple sites, reaping substantial commercial benefits in the process. Committed to sustainability and cost efficiency, Guest Truck & Van embarked on a green energy journey by installing solar PV arrays on various properties, which powers its everyday operations. The client’s objective was to gain a comprehensive understanding of their energy production and consumption across each site, achieved through the incorporation of a dedicated software platform. By harnessing the power of the sun, the company significantly reduced its electricity bills, simultaneously decreasing its carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Project Details

Customer Name: Guest Truck & Van
Installation Type: Solar PV
Product Used:

Locations: Guest Truck and Van – Coventry
System Size: 66 kWp
Estimated CO2 Savings: 26 tons per annum
Payback Period: 4 years on the initial investment

Project Objectives

Guest Truck & Van’s primary objectives for this project were as follows:

  1. Cost Reduction: To reduce electricity bills and achieve long-term cost savings by generating renewable energy on-site.
  2. Environmental Responsibility: To minimise carbon footprint and contribute to environmental sustainability by utilising clean energy sources.
  3. Energy Management: To gain insights into energy production and consumption across multiple sites through a dedicated software platform, enabling informed decisions regarding energy use.
  4. Financial Viability: To achieve a reasonable payback period on the initial investment, ensuring the project’s financial viability and return on investment.


e-Merge Renewables, in collaboration with Guest Truck & Van, successfully implemented a solar PV system with the following remarkable results:

  1. Cost Reduction: The installation of the 66 kWp solar PV system, consisting of Solis Inverters, Canadian Solar Panels, and the K2 Mounting System, led to a significant reduction in electricity bills for Guest Truck & Van. This reduction in operational costs contributed to improved financial performance.
  2. Environmental Impact: The estimated annual CO2 savings of 26 tons demonstrated the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. By generating clean energy, Guest Truck & Van made a positive contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Energy Management: The incorporation of a dedicated software platform provided Guest Truck & Van with real-time insights into energy production and consumption across its various sites. This enhanced visibility allowed for informed decisions regarding energy use, leading to further optimisation of energy efficiency.
  4. Financial Viability: With a payback period of just 4 years on their initial investment, Guest Truck & Van not only achieved its financial objectives but also secured a long-term source of cost-effective, renewable energy. This ensured the project’s financial viability and demonstrated its potential for a strong return on investment over time.


The collaboration between Guest Truck & Van and e-Merge Renewables in implementing a solar PV system has yielded significant benefits for the dealership. By embracing renewable energy solutions, Guest Truck & Van not only reduced its operational costs but also demonstrated a commitment to environmental responsibility. The project’s success is evident in the estimated annual CO2 savings of 26 tons and the rapid 4-year payback period on the initial investment.

This case study serves as a compelling example of how businesses can leverage solar PV technology to achieve cost savings, reduce carbon footprint, and make a positive impact on both financial performance and the environment. e-Merge Renewables continues to be a trusted partner in the journey towards a sustainable and economically viable future for businesses like Guest Truck & Van.

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